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2017 Week09-Hammering

My focus is still on my DMP.  Yes…still there.

For too long I ignored what my heart tried to tell me that it… that I wanted…and I believe now that I will have to pay an even heavier/higher price.  …Challenge accepted!!!

I will not allow the red pencil, the cement, my old blueprint or any other obstacle to get in the way of creating, getting my DMP down on paper.  I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge!!!  I weigh back and forth of the importance of this one important factor and will not let the fate of my future self be entangled in my past habits.  My past habits allowed me to put this off…not understanding the true long-term repercussions of what not deciding what I really wanted was doing to me!!!  …and now…all-of-a-sudden…I know!  Holy crap!

My light scares the crap out of me…yet…I am no longer comfortable not letting it shine.  I am aware now that by not letting it shine…I am being selfish.  God has given me a gift…and if I am not willing to share it…what is the sense of me being here?

So…back to the drawing…. the DMP board.  I want to have that clear picture… that clear blueprint, my NEW blueprint clear as a lighthouse spot beam focused on exactly what I want so that the universe, that part of my mind that acts in ways I do not understand, will bring forth that which I want.

Yup… I know…I’m rambling.  Struggling.  Becoming aware.  Taking action.  Staying true to finding out what I really want so I can start creating my future self that will blow my old self away.  I’ve already had a taste of what it could be like and I want more… I want it all!  I won’t be satisfied until all the cement is gone and my gold self shines so brightly that it will allow others to do the same!


Tweak… I love that word much better than redo!  I changed a PPN…oh the misery of justifying letting go of Helping Others!!!  Wait…not letting go of Helping Others, more of just letting it slid from number 2 position to number 3 position while I slide Recognition for Creative Expression from number 3 position to number 2 position. ***Oh listen to those judgemental voices in my head going crazy… how can you do that???  You are going to put your own being recognized in front of helping others???  What a selfish person you are!!!  That’s not very God-like….  I thought you said you that you follow His word???  That’s not right to put yourself in front of others…. okay Okay OKAY!!!   ENOUGH with the voices!!!  Cement?  Old Blueprint?  What…where is all that coming from???

Yes… I am sorry.  (Why do I say that I am sorry?)  I want to be recognized!  There!  I said it.  Whether it’s just a hug…wait…it’s not just a hug…hugs are AWESOME!!!!  Whether it is a hug…or seeing myself on TV… I want that!  I want to make a difference…a HUGE difference in this world!!!  I want to change the way EVERYONE handles their finances, thinks about their finances, creates their finances!  I’m saddened by the fact that so many people do not have enough self-esteem to believe they are entitled to anything other than the misery of going to work to a job they hate to make money that is already all spent until they die.  I can be that difference in someones life IF they will allow me to and IF they really want it and…here is the huge IF I have just recently become aware of… IF they are willing to do what they need to do to get it!!!  SO MANY people are not wiling to do that and that makes me even more sad.  They’ve just given up…no hope…no reason to live?

People have become sheeple.  It’s no wonder we are the way we are as a society.  All the cement.  All the training and manipulating.  Every person is a miracle of their own, why can’t they see that anymore?  While I can not get to every person, I’m going to start to identify those that still have at least a spark of hope left in them and kindle that spark into a flame.  I will be the change that I want to see in the world.  I will be recognized for doing so and that will be one of my rewards.  …and recognized to me means that either a hug from a person that will look me in the eye so that I can see in their eyes to the bottom of their soul their gratitude… to being called up on stage in front of millions… but…thinking about this… that hug weighs much more to me than the stage!


PPN’s …Personal Pivotal Needs.

It’s amazing how when you change the way you look at things…the things you look at change.  Then…out of nowhere…something clicks… snaps… connects… and then everything changes again!

Point?  I’m back reviewing my PPN’s.  What has become my new focus… down the path a little further… and then more changes…  I LOVE IT!  My new freedom…. ooooo…. epiphany… I have always been free…. I just chose to not act that way…then!  My new freedom is allowing me to figure out my new path and “What    Do    I     Want?”

PPN’s …Personal Pivotal Needs:

Legacy:  Opportunities to effectively share my life’s work, both in dollars and in substance.

Spiritual Growth:  Increasing in knowledge and understanding of God’s word, life-long journey that occurs through reading and applying God’s word to my life.

Autonomy:  Freedom from external control or influence; independent choices, self-governing.

Liberty:  Immunity from debt, IRS independence, freedom of choice; to think or feel or do just as I please; personal freedom from servitude or confinement or oppression.

Helping Others:  World goodness, contributing, making a difference in society, give utopia on earth to others.

Recognition for Creative Expression:  Recognized or acknowledged for achievements, honored, remembered, cherished, endowed with greatness.

True Health:  Energy for living, fit and healthy, sound mind, interactions with others, relationships, relaxation, strong immune system, healthy lifestyle.


Something inside me is going on.  I feel different, yet the same.  Ill, yet not.  What is going on?  I can’t explain the shift…the shifts…going on inside me.  It is alien to me…I am alien to me.  I think it’s the new person that I am becoming is being attacked by the old person I was.  I think it is referred to as my old blueprint…trying to hang onto the old me…who I am used to….whom I know.  I’m so full of emotions…crying, laughing, sorrow, happiness, excited, scared…even sitting still…while on the outside I do not move, it’s like I can feel the processes inside me…breathing, blood flowing, heart beating, thoughts, feelings…there are times I do not know who I am, what is going on, where is me???  Where did I go?  Overwhelmed  OVERWHELMING….LET ME GO….LET GO OF ME!!!!

I think this all is scaring me…no…this all is scaring me.  I step away from what I was doing… what was I doing?  Reading..writing…spending time and focusing on me…  Trying to let my light shine.  I think that honestly horrifies me.  Nope…I know it does.  It horrifies me… I have been shrinking myself for so long… too long!  It’s my light that horrifies me…like that child that catches that first fish and has no idea what to do with it after it’s on the line…  What am I pretending not to know?  Why am I holding myself back?  Why am I so horrified with what I know is going to happen???  What am I so horrified about??? Part of me is so excited and can see the future me…and then there is a part of me that…that…I don’t even know how to explain it…is holding me back…tells me to be grateful for what I have and accept it for being enough….

2017-Week05-What the…?

Well, the old me would have gone off an a rant about this past week…

I accept the fact that the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  So everything that happened to me the last ten days…well…it is exactly as it should be.

Let’s just say that I welcome obstacles…for they are my challenge.  Each day I will be tested, tested on what I am learning…tested on how I am growing as a person…tested on how I am manifesting my new blueprint…my new me!

I understand now that I am the one that controls me.  I choose to look at the glass half full.  I choose to focus on what I have and to be grateful for what I have…rather than what I do not.

Today I begin my new life.


Focus brings about awareness… awareness brings about perspective.  Yes, my favorite words again for the last few years…yet, I always seem to be amazed by them.

This week I focused…really focused on the question that is always bouncing around in my head: WHAT     DO     I    WANT?    I had a thought… What if someone wants to give me EXACTLY what I want…AND they asked me…AND I could not answer them>???  The magic genie in the bottle 😉  How sad that would be…  It reminds me of the joke that this person keeps praying to God to win the lottery…months and months and years go by…becoming so frustrated with God and their prayers not being answered, they reach out and blatantly ask God, why are you not answering my prayers?  He answers…would you at least buy a lottery ticket.

Have I bought my lottery ticket?  Why am I here?  What is my gift?  What Do I Want?

I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift…the purpose…to give it away.  I believe that I have found my gift: I am a great numbers and finance and strategy person.  People like talking with me…so I believe I am a people person.  I absolutely LOVE Helping Others!  I grew up not following “THE” path because it was “THE” path…I questioned…I question everything.  I accept now that if something does not make sense to me…and I can not learn or make sense of it, I don’t continue or pursue it.  This has served me well.  Did Mark Twain say that common sense is not so common?

I am winning the battle of putting into words WHAT I WANT.  A Godsend into my life is my guide Terry.  He made me ‘aware’ that “What I Want” needs to be put into clear understandable language so that I can begin construction on my ‘project’…my new me!  It became very clear to me this week of how negligent I have been to focus on what I want.  Also very clear to me of how my old blueprint is fighting against me trying to create my new me…my new future self.  Og says it best, “I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my future.”


“I will walk tall among men and they will know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.”



Big shout out to Terrific Terry who took time to MasterMind with me! I just submitted another DMP version after our MasterMind session reloaded my brain with a little different approach of thinking of things…Thanks Terry.  …oh wait, maybe I should wait to see if my DMP is closer or further 😉

My life is still AWESOME!!!  Enjoying my days and taking time to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles, and compliments!  I am learning and taking action with how to react to life’s little tests…catching myself laughing at situations that just awhile ago I would have totally lost it…flipped out!  There is a certain calmness…in harmony maybe…with just following my heart.  Guilt does try to creep in along with the red pencil…but…not on my watch!!!  I do too many things right…and… the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be….so who am I?  I am Rip Yegerman… and I am letting my light shine!  You gotta know me to know what a big deal that is!!!???  I got that video ….here …and every time I play it, well, it just gets me.  He can look me square in the eye and tell me just the way it is.  I shrunk…that was a huge deal for me.  I love the new feelings I get and I’m not out for anything more, or less, than just the feeling of knowing I am following my heart.

I wish you all to partake in the harmony, peace and love I feel this week.






So… I decided to make a commitment…to myself, for myself.  Then…everything started happening…and not in a good way!!!???  I sit…I think…I relax… I ponder… Am I responsible for what happens to me?  Is my old blueprint that strong…that ruthless…that powerful, to really create the situations that are happening to me in an attempt to keep me…or delay me, from following my heart and creating my new blueprint…recreating myself?

I become anxious.  I want change…I want things to change faster than they are… but, I must practice the art of patience for nature acts never in haste.  Its hard when you make it a step forward and then it feels like you slide back three.  Sometimes I wonder what’s the use?  It feels like the chips are stacked against me….but it’s the little wins that keep me going.  It’s my future self that won’t let me quit.  I know in my heart that this is what I must do.  I have come too far to not stay committed to this journey.

I have re-engaged with trying to figure out what I want.  I can still hear Mark…. What    Do    You    Want?  It’s hard.  It’s even harder to get my Definite Major Purpose into words…again.  Have you ever wanted something so much and everything you do seems to push that which you want further away?  *sigh*  It can only last so long…the resistance.  Sooner or later somethings gotta give….and I’m too valuable…my future self is too valuable to give up at this point.  Back to my reads, my sits and my cards…  Looking for that next bit of sunshine…next bit of shining gold to peak out from under the cement and boost me again.

2017-Week01-Here We Go

Life is amazing! …and all-of-a-sudden it’s September…and MKMMA is upon me…again!  My life has changed so much, but yet…so much has stayed the same.  I strive to break free from my blueprint and hope that this year will be epoch!!!

The rekindling of the flame that sparked me years ago keeps me engaged to the MKMMA with hopes that I will fully engage and bring my understanding to yet another higher plane!  I struggle with time management…but I know that I will eventually learn how to distinguish what is important and what is distraction and only focus and give time to the important.  By re-engaging into the process, letting my old bad habits go and replacing them with new good habits, I will succeed!  It amazes me that after letting Snap-on go, I still seem to have an issue of time flying by.  How did I ever manage to have time to work my Snap-on business???

I look forward to this session as a time to get serious.  My Extraordinary Eileen asked me if I was going to engage with the MKMMA again this year…but I could tell by her mannerisms, that it wasn’t a question!  So…here I am!  I am here!  I am! I believe!


Minion letting go of the banana

2017 Week24-Timing

Timing… I’m laughing as I realize what I named this weeks post and realize it’s been… Yikes… too long since I last posted.  Normally I would be red penciling myself for the negative aspect of that but… you know what? …Life happens!!!

…and life has been amazing for me lately.  I have turned into “that guy” that gets things done with a happy knack!  The experience of all the little inexplicable miracles that are becoming a part of my life lately are just… amazing.

I am launching my new career and still keeping thinking that I am going to wake up from this dream all-of-a-sudden.  My life is MINE!  I am not a slave to doing what I have to anymore.  Just like in my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) I awake each day to a new day that I have created.  The people coming into my life are awesome and I welcome each of them for the reason they have come into my life…some to strengthen me, some to test me, some to teach me…but whatever the reason…I welcome each one and silently address them with an I Love You!

The only downfall of my new life is that time seems to fly by even faster than before.  I remember one of my first jobs sitting at a desk writing warranty claims…watching the clock all day as my day just dragged by…  How long those days seemed to last verses how my days fly by now!!!??  How I became dreading waking up and having to run my tool route…running on that hamster wheel of life…not being fulfilled and knowing that their was something more important that I was here to do.  I’m chipping the cement off and finding my golden self…enjoying the journey.

I have given up safe and secure and traded that for what can be.  I let go of my banana…

Monkey Not Letting Go Of Banana

Let Go Of The Banana

…Given up the life I had so I could have the life I want.  What took me so long?  What was I so afraid of?  I live by faith and love now.  Each day presents new opportunities for me that I allow to blossom and live with.  The universe is exactly as it should be and I am allowing my heart and God to guide me.  I am the master of my emotions and I choose to stay in harmony.

Blessed to be on this journey…blessed to be with those who read this.  I am letting my light shine and thereby giving others permission to do the same.   Join with me…let your light shine!  Chip off your cement and find the golden you…the you, you were meant to be!