2015 Week 22-Acceptance

This morning’s read has struck me, well… *palm smacking the forehead*


“Satan is our enemy and his goal is to get us so emotionally rattled that we say things that will provide him with an opening into our lives, or he hopes that we will make unwise decisions during painful times and create messes that we will have to deal with for a long, long time afterward.”

I did not understand that if I could hold my tongue and remain emotionally stable during times of difficulty, then I would be honoring God and letting the devil know that he is not going to control me. I am not 100% successful at doing this… yet, but I am moving forward. And while I am not where I need to be, or want to be, I know that I am at least a lot further ahead of where I used to be. It is through this growth that I have learned the importance of managing my emotions….BUT…. it is so freaking hard!!!! …Just like being the silent, non-opinionated observer!!!!! But BUT BUT…. I got plenty of buts…it’s the doing I’m a having a problem with 😉

Last night was another situation…test…opportunity. Walking into a bar with Rory, my son, in Baltimore, I was asked to remove my hat, while he was getting a drink menu from the barmaid. Turning around from the barmaid he asked me what happened. “He told me to remove my hat”, I answered. We left. We discussed the situation and our feelings about it while we walked to another bar. Next bar, same attitude. I removed my hat. I think about week 23’s webinar that I just listened to on the way to Conn…particularly Trish’s presentation on humility…no resistance… “Effortless Ease” – “Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease… with carefreeness, harmony and love. And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy, and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease.”

What am I pretending not to know?

Fifty some odd years has shaped me…made me what I am today. I am fighting and mourning the loss of the old me, yet I am accepting… I am celebrating the birth of the new me and enjoying this journey so much! I am letting go of what I no longer need to have the life I desire. So freaking cool!!!

2015 Week 21-Monthly Reflection

~ What was the most memorable part of this past month?  Describe it?

Lake Placid with my Honeykins! ??

Walking the streets hand in hand enjoying each others company – communicating and appreciating being with each other.  Scarfs and pants and …. a sweet Spyder jacket and awesome Stetson hat!  Prime rib and baby back ribs and a Bailey’s with my honey back home.

~ What were the three biggest lessons you’ve learned in this past month?

I need to use my planner more

I need to exercise

FEAR = Lack of Faith

~ Review your planner for past month and assess your priorities.  Are you happy with how you spent your time?


~ What steps can you take this next month to adjust them?

Live in my planner!

Sit a lot more!

~ How are you different between this past month and the month before it?

I am happier… grateful…. and moving forward.  I am loving the journey and accept that the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  Listening to the bits and pieces I get from my heart and loving the opportunities that I am seeing all around me – along with kindness.  Time to FOCUS DANIELSON…. FOCUS!

~ What or who are you especially grateful for this past month?

My Wife – The Extraordinary Eileen!  So awesome to be connecting in our speaking to each other on such a deeper level.  Heart felt verses eggshell tip-toeing conversation.  Like we were…are becoming closer.  Sharing a part of each other with each other ❤

~ Name three things you can improve on this upcoming month?  What are concrete actions you can take to work towards these improvements?

Appointment setting.
– Pick up the phone

Schedule following.
– Make appointments and schedule to follow.

– Schedule it.  …5 k getting awful close…

~ From 1- 10, how do you feel overall about this past month?

9 – It was awesome!!!

Living For Others

2015 Week 20-Sharing

Caring is sharing, so I am sharing.

Today Extraordinary Eileen guided our day.  Something about the give more/get more mind set is starting to take root in my brain and by giving my beautiful bride the reins to guide our day today, it somehow brought me even more joy.  We journeyed into Mystic, CT for the annual Cabin Fever Charity Chowda (as Mark would say it) Cook-off.  It was awesome how many people were out and about and even though the wind and temperature reminded me of my northeast location during the winter season, the bright intense sunshine reminded me of summer days.

Because I am not normally in an environment with so many people around, I took this opportunity to be the observer, to watch and I decided to look for kindness.  I am realizing now how the world around me is starting to change.  Yes, I know…as what I choose to focus on will grow and what I choose not to focus on will atrophy, it is all about what I want to see…what I want my world to be, full of kindness and friendly thoughtful people.

First kindness gesture I spotted was a young girl giving her leftover tickets to someone.  I shared with my wife what I had spotted and how happy it made me feel inside to see this act of kindness somewhere that I had not really felt there were very many kind people.  To further my feelings of inspiration and hope for this area that I did not feel was the best area for spotting these random acts of kindness, a young boy held out his tickets to me.  His mother stepped up and asked him if he was sure that he wanted to give their leftover tickets to me.  The boy nodded yes and the mother explained that they had their fill of chowder and wanted to know if I would like the rest of their tickets.

As I turned to Extraordinary Eileen and explained what had just happened, we just shared a look of mutual disbelief and accepted the fact that we were a part of something so much larger than we ever expected.  She wanted to make mass, which she thought was at 4 and we decided better to be a little late than to miss all of it.  We got to church just after 4 and the empty parking lot gave us a little hope.  Mass started at 5 and we went into the church as I suggested that we do a sit together as we wait for mass to start.  I don’t know where the hour went!!???

It is pretty amazing to me how awareness and perspective can change, have been changing…everything.  It is very difficult to change things that have become life-long habits, but…I really do want something different than what I have had.  While they may only be baby steps…I’ll take them!  It has taken me a long time to become who I am…I have no problem focusing on what I really what to become and moving in that direction.  Any forward progress inspires me yet I do understand that there will be days that I will feel as if I have fallen backwards.  I choose to believe that I am exactly where I am suppose to be in my journey.  I am looking forward to the wonderful miraculous changes ahead of me.

Awareness Meter

2015 Week 19-Gratitude

I am grateful…so grateful, for my new life.  Thank you!

Each day is a clean slate for me now as I begin each by reaching for my index cards first… even before my glasses!  As the fog starts clearing from my head, my brain begins coming up to speed and gratitude… gratitude… gratitude scanners engage and immediately start scanning through my mind searching for three things I am grateful for.  First time, every time, is how gosh darn cozy our bed is… how cozy our bedroom is!  (Thanks Extraordinary Eileen!  😉  Indoor plumbing is next…use an out-house if you don’t think that’s a huge one…lol… then I’m searching through my mind for which three new ones I will write onto the index cards as I grab my pen.  Through the stack of my cards I flash… 3 Gratitudes… 2 Random Acts of Kindness… 1 Positive Experience… and 1 Accomplishment.  What a way to start a day… reliving all the great moments again and again… scoring and assisting in last weeks hockey game, and again.. and again… I scored from BEHIND the net… I’m making myself smile just thinking about it again now.  🙂

I am making a new habit and I am replacing my old habit with it!  Trading my old bad habit in for new happy, positive, great one…yeah baby!  I’m starting to get that in play.  Train the brain… I am also starting to notice a change in how my mind is working… oh wait.. or is it being more aware of how my mind processes …so freaking amazing!!!  Some mornings I struggle to fill out my cards while other mornings I could do extra cards.  Would that go in line with waking up with a different mood every morning?  “One of nature’s tricks, little understood, that each day I awaken with moods that have changed from yesterday.”  I get that now.  So force start my day with the start that I want. positive and happy, and that way I am able to control what I allow into my waking brain… Awesome!

Put some index cards and a pen on your nightstand!

I Believe!




2015 Week 18-Goal Post

Which came first…chicken or the egg?… Chevy or Ford better?… Success or Happiness first?

I just need to and then I will be happy. Sound familiar? We have become a society with microwave mentality, I want it now, buy now and pay for it later, and an ever increasing pile of responsibilities and things we need to do. It is overwhelming. It amazes me the people living lives of quiet desperation…and most do not even realize. While I no longer dwell on the negatives in life, I still strive to grow my awareness. I long for the easy living life of before puberty…when my only real responsibility was homework. Summer vacation was exactly that, day after day of only my own creativity carrying me through each of all my days off. Life was simple for me back then…and that is what I want now.

As I create my new future in my world within, I have to keep full awareness of not creating a blueprint similar to that of which I just escaped!

This week brought a huge AHA MOMENT to me in the form of understanding happiness. Which comes first, success or happiness? Honestly…I believed, notice the past tense, that success comes first. My happiness was based on what I achieved and what I was able to acquire. If I work harder, then I’ll be more successful. If I am more successful, THEN, I will be happier.

How did this philosophy set up camp in my mind? How did I allow it? Where did it come from? Well…it came from…ALL AROUND ME! Listen to the radio, watch TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, where isn’t it??? We must be the watchful guardian of our minds to only allow that which is truth to enter. Why are those that seem to have the least, seem the happiest? So it must not be about working harder to become more successful to make ourselves happier. That seems to be a broken or an untrue belief to me now.

Every time my brain had a success, I was trained to change the goal post of what success looked like. I kept moving my goal post back, further away from me!? I hit my sales target, I changed my sales target, I hit my collection target, I changed my collection target…and if happiness is on the opposite side of success…well, my brain would never get there!!! We, as a society, have pushed happiness over the cognitive horizon, because we think that we have to be successful first. We must be about making ourselves happy first…before success! *Epiphany***

How do I make myself happy?

First thing every morning I write down on my index cards 3 things that I am grateful for. In 21 days, my brain will retain the pattern of scanning the world for the positive first and my negativity will atrophy. I do my reads, exercise and sits as structured in our MKMMA. I welcome other ideas that would help me become even more happy.  😉



2015 Week 17-I Am Happy

I am learning that I am the only one in control when it comes to me and my being being happy, … or unhappy, or angry, or jealous, or grateful, or peaceful, or overjoyed…  I can decide how I want to feel!  I can decide how I want to feel and I can decide how I want to react to every situation.  *Epiphany Moment!*  So ixnay on the I can’t help it, it’s just the way I feel excuse.  I can help it…I can choose to change the way I feel, choose to change the way I react to everything!  Now it is definitely not easy…after all it’s my whole life I have associated anger with obstacles.  Why wouldn’t I want to associate challenge or opportunity with obstacles?  Cut me off in traffic…I flip you off  😮  …no no no…cut me off in traffic and you get a big smile and wave because I believe that you did not see me in your hurry.  (that one has been a tough one… 😉

So if what I choose to focus on appears more and more, why wouldn’t I choose to focus on gratitude, kindness, happiness?  I like happiness.  I like feeling happy…okay, I love feeling happy.  I love feeling that feeling that I am on top of the world!

I got my index cards out this week.  I keep hearing to write down 3 things that I am grateful for, as soon as I wake up, every morning for 21 days to create a more positive attitude for me.  I’m in.  Backtracked a few lessons to re-learn the structure of our new index card format.  I wake up with these now.  The first thoughts I engage in, as soon as I wake up, determines the tone of my day.  I usually stumble around trying to focus my eyes and thoughts as I am first gaining consciousness.  I love the idea of flashing through these index cards to immediately start my brain with visions of gratitude, kindness, re-living positive experiences, and accomplishments .  I might even try to squeeze out a smile or two!  Shawn Achor is an expert in positive psychology.  His research findings supports his belief that we need to train our brain to be happy.  Check it out:

My days are scrambled now with broken routines and unfamiliarity being the norm.  I am enjoying the journey as my awareness sharpens and my perspective evolves.  I thought about why I feel the need to shrink so that others will not feel insecure around me and believe that this type of action or type of thoughts blocks me from…me, from me becoming my better self.  Then reaching out to the support of the MKMMA, Trish so beautifully guided me:

  “If you were still lost and clueless, conforming to an ordinary life… Would you want someone you loved to hold themselves back and play small to make you feel better?  IT can be challenging to grow at a faster rate than those around us… But sooner or later, the ones who matter won’t mind and the ones who mind won’t matter… Guild it something that we had to learn… it’s a PROGRAM. You can choose not to run that one… Find you. The true you. and you find yourself surrounded by people you love who love you. It’s an amazing journey.”

Bless all of you.  I am slowly engaging more and more now as the heat from my flame is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am.  I get it.  I feel it.  I believe it.




2015 Week 16-I’m Done

I’m Out.  I’m finished.  I’m FREE!!!  Freedom …Independence …Autonomy ….Hmmm Autonomy ….one of my personal pivotal needs (PPN).

Minion letting go of the banana

I have a feeling of relief, like a huge weight has been lifted off of me!  Autonomy!  I have my freedom and independence back!  “My days now reflect my new independence and freedom that allows me to make my own schedule”… just like my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) that I wrote says I would!!!???  Talk about feeling like I’m in control and moving in a forward direction.  I imagined it in my world within, in my mind…in my sit, and brought it to manifestation in my world without, into my reality!  Wow…powerful.

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  Yup…I understand that more now.

Just got back from a road trip consisting of meeting my Extraordinary Eileen at BWI and going to Florida for a mediation for the terminating of my 30 year career.  It was an exciting procedure that included an additional free bonus, more confirmation for me and for my Extraordinary Eileen that I made the right decision 😉

Being aware of the negativity manifesting and clouding the environment we were brought into created a new perspective for me, …made me want to not be there…made me want to not be in any such environment, involved with any such company that does not promote harmony, gratitude and doing the right thing!  I’m not a team player…I’m disruptive at meetings…I’m being attacked and persecuted for standing up for what I believe…for not going along with the flow…for having the courage to speak up to try to change things for the better… WOW!  How about my Integrity… how about how I stand up for what I believe in, how about how I always (try to) do the right thing regardless of dollar value or profits… how about how “I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.”

Bye Felicia!  I’m so out of here!  I thought I was an independent business owner…independent being the key word.  Not what “they” want.  “They” want followers…ants…sheep…sheeple.  That’s so not me!  Corporate America saddens me.  Do what we say!  Buy BUY BUY.  When our use for you is over, we will kick you to the curb like yesterdays garbage.  What happened?  How did we allow this to become acceptable or the norm?

Well now things are going to continue to change for me.  I must be very careful of what type of people and what type of situations I place myself into.  Caring, compassionate, positive and kind people make me happy.  I want to help, to be a helper…a coach.  I want to grow the awareness of people so that they understand that they not only have the right, but that they also have the responsibility, not just to themselves but to their whole family, to begin to separate themselves from the “flock” and intentionally focus on customizing their journey, their life!  To perpetuate and inject child-like emotions and feelings into our lives so that we never lose sight of our hopes and dreams.  To never allow people to become the victims of living lives of quiet desperation.  We have found the knowledge, the skills and the tools to help guide, so it becomes our responsibility.

“Your playing small does not serve the world.”  ~ I have played small.

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.”  ~ Epiphany Moment!  ~ I do shrink so that others will not feel insecure around me.  Why?

Share some love and reply.  *Hugs*

Loving this “new” life!


2015 Week 15-DMP Trailer

I need to really catch up and ramp up my MKMMA effort.  Truth  I don’t know how I get…how I got, so far off track.  Grace  The world is exactly the way it is suppose to be!  I’m feeling in control for a bit but then things get ramped up…I fall a bit behind and then a little more behind and then all-of-a-sudden, where the heck am I???  So I backtracked to week 6 where we started with the shapes and got that taken care of.  Then my movie trailer board of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose)…done.  Hey…it’s actually pretty cool.  I should post it here too to share with the world…lol.

DMP Movie Trailer

It’s cool how as soon as I finish…do I dare say finish, this project, I can already see tweaks that I want to make 😉  I am also starting to understand the linking that is suppose to be going on.

I’m trying to get to West Palm Beach again this week…I’m envisioning a smooth journey.  I would be awful grateful if a few of you kind souls directed a few kind words, a few kind thoughts, a few kind wishes my way.



2015 Week 14-It Was Funny?

Still enjoying the feeling of having that huge weight gone!  I still really can’t believe that I actually let go of the banana.  I’m freeeeeeeeee….

Focus had shifted for preparing for last weeks meeting…heading out 7am to drive to Albany…flight to BWI and then West Palm Beach…then back two days later…  I remember heading down the Northway Tuesday morning with a completely new feeling in my heart…no even deeper…in my soul…  The amazing views of the mountains spotted with fresh snow on them spiked my gratitude meter.  So happy to be alive…to be able to design …  What do I want?  It’s all about me.

It was an incredible drive and just before arriving at the airport, my phone rang.  “Did you get on the plane yet?  Don’t get on the plane…it’s not the 13th it’s the 20th.”  After the realization that I needed to turn around to head home kicked in…I smiled.  Why was I smiling?  That wasn’t good news.  The more I thought about it, the funnier it became.  I started to chuckle…what’s wrong with me, I remember thinking, I should be banging the steering wheel with my hand or at least swearing…this is not a normal reaction to this kind of news for you…but I like it!  …and then I broke into laughter!?  …and I mean a full blown laughter that almost hurt, but felt so good to just let everything out.  So…there go the plans…I just got the next 3 days off…really off.  I mean I’ve never really had…ok, ok, maybe a long, looong time ago, the ability to actually have a day off with no worries.

It’s so amazing to be exactly where I am right now.  I am focusing on finding kindnesses now for as I do, I make the world around me more kind.



2015 Week 13-Dust Settling

Wow…where does the time go?  WOW…where did the time go?                                                WOW…where did my tools go???  😮 😮 😮

The last few weeks have not only been a blur, but they have seemed surreal.  I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and it’s all going to have been a dream.  30 years of my life, my professional life, the life that produced the dirty paper that I needed…picked up, boxed up and shipped away.  This is huge for me…for someone who does not like change…for someone who did not like change…now…hmmmmmm…I’m starting to like it…hey Mikey…he LIKES IT!!! (for those old enough to remember the “Hey Mikey” commercials 😉

I have to admit…it is like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.  All-of-a-sudden I have my life back…I have my life back…my life back….my life….  MY life!!!

I can still hear, and will always hear, the lessons of Mark questioning the Fabulous Davene:  Why do you hold so tightly onto the “thing” that is causing you so much pain… discomfort… stress… *you fill in your word…

…and again…I hear, and will always hear Mark asking:  What   Do   You   Want?                                …and now, I really do believe that I can start to work on answering that question!  …because really… before… I couldn’t really see myself letting go of my banana…letting go of Snap-on… (geesh…I actually said it) letting go of something that caused me so much…holy crap…where do I start???  But now, I really do believe that I can manifest the life that I want!  Am I a step closer to answering that question if I know what I don’t want?  I don’t want to have to get in my truck and to have to run my route anymore… Hmmmm… I’m being negative again… *SQUIRREL*

What   Do   You   Want?

I want to help people.  I want to educate people.  I want to help people get what they want and be recognized for it.  I guess I need to start talking to even more people if I am going to find out what they want so that I can help them.  God bless Mark J for creating something that has attracted me to him.  The last year of my life has opened my eyes like a blind man that has been given sight!  Yes…that amazing.  I see things now that I know I saw…but didn’t.  I mean I am aware of things that I was never aware of before….and I’m not going to sugar-coat it…some things that I really am not proud of…but awareness is the first step of change…to change…and I know that I am about to change…as a seed changes to a flower…I am about to bloom!!!  I am so grateful for where I am right now that emotions flow from me as I have never experienced before.  Episodes of crying hysterically overtake me now and although my daughter makes comments about how not right it is, it makes me smile inside…keeping my opinion to myself… I know how right it really is.