2016 Week14-Fine Line

The fine line between patience and procrastination seems to be a subject that I have become aware of lately.  While I have accepted the fact that I need to be patient about letting my new life blossom, I struggle with trying to keep my peace.  Sometimes feelings of stagnation attempt to get into my mind because I feel that I am not being aggressive enough… not moving forward fast enough with certain things in my life…but then I control…or try to control, those thoughts and feelings by bringing myself back to my peace with focus on the here and now.

The old blue print tries to be very strong…heck it was 30-40 years in the making, and I know now that it has not been and will not be an easy battle to win…but already the change…the CHANGES… have been so worth it!!!

Normally …um, before…the old me…I would be freaking out because my postings got behind…so far behind…but…the new me…says…chill dude!!! It’s all good! The universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  It’s all green pencil lately…new blueprint being created…al about all the things that I do so well, the forward direction that I am moving…the new life that I am creating and enjoying soooooo much!!!

Ya just gotta….Believe

2016 Week13-Relax


Is that a difficult thing to do?  Most people I think would tend to agree that it is a difficult thing to do…sad.  The opposite of relax is agitate, worry, tense…  Just reading these words make changes in my body that I now know how to recognize…unwanted changes!  So if just reading these words create negative changes in my body, what would living in these conditions day in and day out do?  YIKES!  Create sickness, poor health…shorten my life!!!??  Yup…I can see that plain as the nose on my face!

R e l a x   …just reading the word soothes me.  Taking more time to read it… to concentrate on it.  Feeling the word roll out of my mouth and concentrating on what that means to me… transporting me to a warm cozy beach somewhere.  I can feel the soft white warm baby powder sand around all my toes as I slowly make my way toward the blue green water glistening in the rays of the sunshine.  I hop into a hammock strung in the shade on the beach and flop onto my back as it swings back and forth… riding on the warm summer breeze and enjoying the sounds of the surf.  I am relaxed…I am at peace…I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

This is my new focus.  The world is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  There is no sense…there is no reason to fight that truth.  I am on a journey.  I have chosen my own path.  I am one decision away from completely changing… everything, or nothing!  To know this, to become aware of this, to live with intention and knowledge that I can control my own everything…is amazing, empowering and even a little scary.  RELAX  It lengthens my life, it changes my attitude, it allows me to see things I have never seen before, …although I have looked at them a million times before.

When I change the way I look at things, the things that I look at change.  I’m loving my new life by the way…in case you couldn’t tell.  😉  I notice a calm about me as I understand and learn more and more about me and what I want.  I especially love the fact that I catch myself laughing at the exact same things that used to send me into an intense negative agitated state.




2016 Week12-Patience

I want it NOW!!!  Remember that bumper sticker with the two vultures: vulturespatience

I remember when I was young…younger…a kid… and always wanting things, as soon as I could possibly get them.  Hmmmm, wait…no so true.  I mean that is not so past tense…I still want things as soon as I can get them.  I have always had a patience issue I guess.  Is that so abnormal?  Actually, isn’t that the norm of our society?  Don’t we have a ‘microwave’ mentality?  Haven’t we been sold a ‘get it now’ and even ‘pay later’ mind set?

The last three years, since engaging with MKMMA, have been mind-blowing for me.  I cycle through times of anxiousness and anxiety.  My growth has been incredible as I look back and analyze where I was to where I am now.  I had a very difficult transition of accepting where I am as to where I want to be and the time it was going to take…time it is taking, to get to where I want to be!

Lately, I have become more accepting of where I am…thanks to the MKMMA.  I am enjoying the journey…enjoying my life…enjoying each day and looking for the positive…looking for the happiness…looking for the things to be grateful for…and I am happier…more positive…and more grateful.  I am more trusting that I will find what I am looking for…simply by trusting!

Give more get more!

I am all in!!!


2016 Week11-Deep

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

All the way!!!  I have always tried to finish what I start.  Hmmmmmm  If memory serves me…I think the view that my father had of me was opposite…I never finished what I started…  Didn’t finish college is what I remember triggered that memory of what he said…or I thought he said…or what I think he said…  he thought… 😯  It’s funny how we can convince ourselves of anything.  It’s truth that if you tell yourself something long enough, you’ll start to believe it.  So…why wouldn’t we start telling ourselves what we want to happen so that it will???

Yeah, I know…I’m all over the place lately…like a 2 year old…  Am I me at 2 years old again???  Have I torn myself down far enough meow that I can…that I have brought myself back to being able to rebuild me the way I want me???  Sometimes I disappear into hours of sitting and thinking lately.  I go somewhere that is different than here and sometimes I don’t want to come back to here…or is here there and there is here?  Geeesh…see what I mean? lol

Anywho…I have been withdrawn in my mind about who I am…who I want to be…and what do I want.  It’s been a wild ride quite honestly.  I’ve gone from the mountain tops to the valleys of moods time and time again.  While it really started to stress me out…I put a stop to that by turning to God and His word.  Truth and Grace.  I am enjoying the journey and have complete faith that I am exactly where I am suppose to be…the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  The epiphanies that I have experienced lately are blowing me away.  The overlap of MasterKey and God’s word is amazing me!  The little inexplicable miracles I welcome with gratitude and a feeling of being in harmony.

Awareness Meter

2016 Week10-Change

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Yup…still struggling with that.  :-/  C’mon, gimme a break…I’ve lived that way for 50 years.  Can’t just wave my magic wand and make it change…much as I wish.  I know I need to do the work to make the change…so I am…and I am focusing on letting my light shine as a favor to my future self and to all the others that I will help by doing so.

So three weeks have gone by in a flash again!?  This past week I noticed that I am in turmoil…bad turmoil… *squirrel*…I mean good turmoil.  I can only believe that in letting go of that which I do not want anymore (in order to get what I do want) I am destroying parts of me that is creating feelings of *here come the tears*                     ………       I can’t put it into words…

Okay…composing myself…  I am flashing back to the assignment of having be the silent non-opinionated observer for the week.  I still remember the sheer horror of becoming aware of what an opinionated person I was…am…was…am…WAS…  The awareness of that was heartbreaking, to put it mildly.

I shared on our mastermind that week and so vividly remember being told congratulations… yeah!!!…. celebrate…  What???  I was dumbfounded!  What are you talking about…did you not just hear what I said???  I am an opinionated bastard!!!… NO…NOT good!…NOT celebrating…  Why are you happy about hearing what I just said, I asked.  The answer took a long time…I mean a looooong time…to penetrate into my head and for me to understand it.

It’s not the fact of what I am that is being celebrated.  It is the fact that I am now AWARE of it!  Change can only happen, it can only begin… IF you are aware of the thing that needs to be changed.  So the celebration was not about me being an opinionated non-silent observer, the celebration was about the fact that I was now aware of me being an opinionated non-silent observer and NOW I can focus on change…changing me…changing my bad habit!

Awareness Meter


2016 Week09-Shrinking

Yes…I am still fighting about letting my light shine.

I listen to this clip multiple times a week…it still brings tears to my eyes…which to me, means I still have some work to do with it.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

For too long…as long as I can remember, I have “played small.”  I have shrunk around people, in hopes of not making them feel insecure around me.  Now that the awareness has been brought forth, it has opened my eyes and brought about a new perspective to me…and…as always…is horrifying me!  I am trying to chase back to this origin of belief…why…at what point did I believe it was mightier…it was right to shrink rather than to let my light shine?

Selfish!  Yes…that is the way I will approach my shrinking, as being a selfish act of myself.  “We are all meant to shine, as children do.”  Then I will begin to let my light shine!  “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”  Unselfish!  Letting my light shine unconsciously gives other permission to do the same…. *Epiphany***

“As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  I’m in!  I can do this!  I will do this!  I AM doing this!!!

Lots of sits has brought me to lots of epiphanies.  Lots of awareness has brought me to new perspectives.  New perspectives have brought me to new ways of thinking.  New ways of thinking has brought me to new feelings.  New feelings have brought me to new beliefs.  New beliefs have brought me to new actions.  New actions have brought me to my new life.  My new life has brought me to such joy and happiness…I am grateful.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

I Believe



2016 Week08-Wait…WHAT?

Emerson loved the good and his life was a symphony of peace and harmony.  Carlyle hated the bad and his life was a record of perpetual discord and inharmony.

WOW!      Awareness…perspective…

Choice.  What once was, through the forming of our habits, has become subconscious…and happens without us ever consciously thinking about it anymore!!!???  Once we have lived the situation and decided our ‘feeling’ about it…over and over again, it becomes truth to us.  YIKES!  I have chosen to be how I am.  I can be what I will to be!  The very first time I looked at a glass half… is the glass half ‘full’ or half ’empty’?  Do I want my glass half full or half empty?  How did I first view it and how did I view it each time after the first?  Did I realize that I was creating the future me then?  “I” created in my mind the conscious decision to allow my subconscious to react to this situation exactly the same from that decision on.   *thinking*

Justin, my mastermind partner, brought to light the simple fact of origin.  Taking the thought back to the origination of the decision to see from our perspective, was it…is it truth…or lie…half full or half empty.  Building a lifetime of decisions based on truth that becomes evident are lies…is horrifying upon the moment you see your truth as lies.  What is truth?  Is my truth lies to someone else?  Are my lies truth to someone else?  What causes us to decide how we do at first…state of mind?  Does a bad state of mind doom us from that point forward?

My new awareness is teaching me to keep away the negative…and OMG, even hating the bad is bad!  Law of Growth dictates that which you focus on grows, that which you don’t, atrophies.  Love…good = peace and harmony.  Peace and harmony are becoming my friends.  I choose to now focus on the positive…half FULL from this point forward.  It has shaken a core element in me that is allowing me to recreate me and my life to EXACTLY how I want it!  I BELIEVE

2016 Week07-Step by Step

Remember that old scary game…step by step…closer I get…I remember chasing my sister around the house at night chanting that…  I’m kinda reverting back to childhood memories lately…could that be my new blueprint rewinding back and looking to overwrite my old one???…Hell Yes!!!  Wasn’t that what I wrote in one of my first posts about starting this journey…wanting to reboot myself with a wiped, clean hard drive ready to load a whole new operating system onto?  HELL YES!!!  It’s happening!  Step by step…bit by bit…old unwanted chips of cement are being chipped away and slowly I am starting to see my gold…starting to hear my dream that is calling.  It has been a truly amazing journey so far and I am readying myself for the incredible journey that I am finally stepping into…answering the call!

You have to let go of the life you have in order to get the life that you want.  That was a tough one!  I’m mister not like change….eeeeerp….rewind…what did I say???  I am mister let’s change it up meow!  Goodbye old crap…hello dreams!  Let’s see…what do I want?  Such a change of mindset…I am so happy…so full of love and life and gratitude and possibilities…I great this day with love in my heart!  I create my own daily schedule now…doing WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!  YIPPEEEEEE!…my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) is manifesting!!!

Awareness has created a new perspective for me now…and I plan to keep digging in further and further.  During our last MKMMA, Mark J shared a video that brought tears to my eyes.  I have seen this video a few times but for some reason, never connected with it the way I did today.  So much so that I have to put it on my blog now so that I can stay with it and gauge my growth by the reaction I have each time I watch it.

“…there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you…”   O    M     G    That was ME!!!  I’ve done this my whole life.  I would usually never allow myself to “gloat” around others whenever I was having a great day…or share something awesome that was happening to or for me…or, or, or…I can think of a pile of things.  That is exactly what I would do…SHRINK…so that others wouldn’t feel insecure around me!  I even just had this discussion with my Dad a few months ago!!!???  He reamed my butt for “shrinking” and not shouting from the rooftops.  Looks like I got some work to do…


2016 Week06-Linking

I’m getting a fix on how to link…and learning to train myself to do it…to focus on linking. It brings back thoughts of ….you know how you never really see any Subaru’s on the road…UNTIL you buy one, then they’re all over the place!? Kinda like that! My challenge has been trying to remember to remember…does that make sense? Kinda like the before stage of seeing Subaru’s on the road…before you are sitting in one driving it. Hmmmmm Experiment thought…tomorrow look for Subaru’s. At the end of the day write that number down. …or did you get home and forget all about looking for Subaru’s? …my experiment; I look for Blue Rectangles …2 new customers, 2 new clients, 2 new business partners 12/31/16, Red Circles …save my clients $500,000.00 12/31/16, Green Triangles…Managing Director 12/31/16, and Yellow Squares…10 clients & 250 customers 12/31/16. I’ll tell you if I do as well as the Subaru results 😉

I’m going through an amazing learning journey that is hard to put into words. Well…okay…maybe two… my new favorite words; Awareness and Perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Oh my goodness, YES! When you realize that you are in control of WHAT you are looking for…and you use that power for good, to search for only good, which is exactly what we want for ourselves anyway, really…right? Then only good you will find and all that good that you’ll find will make you just that much more positive and happier…yes? Oh….I smell another experiment coming; Let’s count how many good things we can see tomorrow. A random act of kindness…or any other small incident that touches your heart or makes you smile. I know there have been a lot more sightings by me! …and if I can get more people looking for happy, wouldn’t that bring more happiness into our world? I Believe …Blessings

2016 Week05-MyDMP

Leaving you hanging on my Definite Major Purpose…shame on me! 😉

My PPN’s are: Helping Others and Liberty

I awake each morning excited and grateful for the blessing and promise of a new day. Enthusiasm swells inside me and starts driving every cell in my body toward creating new ways to help others with my network marketing experience and financial wisdom. Whomever God decides to put in my path today, I will help. I help people without expectation of reciprocity because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.
By helping 2 more people become my Ambit customers, 2 more people become my Common Sense clients, and 2 more people join with me as business partners, on or before January 31st, 2017, I have made at least $10,000.00. Everyday I gladly exchange watching TV and hanging out, for productive time, working with business partners, clients, and suspects, to acquire the money that is mine. On or before July 31st, 2017, I have hit the $10,000.00/month income level and tears of happiness stream down my face as I realize I have reached Liberty!
I am effortlessly connecting with smart, motivated, coachable people, hundreds of them, that blooms confidence inside me like a rose bud blooming and sharing her beauty for all to enjoy. Each person that joins with me boosts my spirit and enthusiasm and from within I erupt with even more unrestrained happiness as I have connected to what my heart wants, helping others financially and spiritually.
Collaborating with these people, using the Hero’s Journey skills, helps us to identify their hopes and dreams. Helping them reach their goals fulfills me more deeply than I could have ever imagined. On or before December 31st, 2016, I have saved my clients over $500,000.00 of interest they will never pay a lending institution.
My positive, enthusiastic attitude continues to bring me to higher and higher levels of success, education, and knowledge. My enthusiasm, confidence, intelligence, achievements, friends, happiness and wealth are growing daily by leaps and bounds, which makes me feel absolutely ecstatic and unstoppable.
Each time I bring someone from not knowing or understanding the big picture of his or her financial situation to knowing and understanding it and implementing a strategy that creates their debt free future, it makes me feel rewarded, grateful, fulfilled and complete.